23rd New Year's Day Row - promoting Sport - Social Values - Integration

Despite some very tired teenagers who were celebrating all night, and a a cold rainy morning, the rowers of San Miniato came to get their boats wet on this New Year's Day 2018. It is considered a way to wish our whole team good luck for the coming season. As many boats are possible are brought out of the boathouse, even just for a quick row or even paddle as the dragon boats are usually put to service as well.

After the row and photographs, we all convened to the warmth of the gym in order to pop open some champagne and eat a slice of traditional "panettone" bread, both auspicious foods for good luck! The Mayor of San Miniato was present and he spoke of the city's plans for developing the rowing lake.

Our president Enzo Ademollo also spoke of the recent integration project at the lake, where 6 African refugees have been learning how to cut grass and take care of gardens as a way to thank the town for hosting them in political asylum. They are great workers and two of them have been hired by a local company after their hard work at the lake was noticed.

Lastly the club directors spoke of upcoming regattas at the lake including the Italian National Special Olympics Games, where we will be hosting all the water events including rowing, dragon boats, indoor rowing, and long-distance swimming.

Happy 2018!

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